In my almost 2 decades of being a crazy mayday fan, I have never really spoke to other cray cray mayday fans in depth before, aside from my sister and my ex-clients turned friends. Last night as i chatted with a really really nice Mayday fan. Super envy her because she really jets around for their concerts and even Jacky Cheung’s (one of the crazy things I want to do is to watch Mayday live in Taiwan)! She really has nothing to tie her down. That’s why now whenever I speak to others and topics like regrets and craziest things done pop up, I’ll say GO DO IT NOW! Problem with me is I have been talking and dreaming too much until now when I feel I want to go do it, I realize my hands and legs are tied by something called motherhood. As much as motherhood and parenting brings about other forms of happiness, we often mull about the ‘what ifs’. So, I’m slowly giving up on the ‘what ifs’. Instead, I ask ‘given my resources and situation, what can I do and how can I bring myself closer to it’

Been getting comments like ‘You are very free’ or similar more and more frequently now. To tackle all these comments I jokingly labeled myself as the ‘unemployed’. Truth is, I don’t see that I am very ‘free’. I have to handle the girls on weekdays, feed, bath and coach them, and still go tuition to earn some pocket money. Now house chores have become my territory because I was the one who ‘pok’ the part timers. I love baking, but because my life centers around the girls’ schedule, I seldom have prolong hours to bake since May. Even as I typed this, I am doing it while multitasking (shan’t dwell on what I am doing). My ‘free time’ are in the form of pockets. I do not have prolonged 2-3 hours of free time for me to do anything decent. No one wants to employ someone who only have pockets of ‘free time’. So I always say now, I live by the hour. But compared to some others, I’m considered lucky that my family is ready to help me (with some bit of nagging) when I really need time away from motherhood chores. Trust me, it is also not fun not being able to bring some ‘bread’ back for the household. You see people with double income buying second property and going for super almost budget free holiday etc etc etc (while we got to plan every single cent and scrimp on other things because we want to go holiday). But of course, the other point of view will also envy us. The comparing will never end.

I spend a lot of time on my phone because this is my outlet to the world and I do it during my pockets of time. I love going to the gym because it makes me happy and I get adult-to-adult interaction (other than my family). I survive on day to day positive vibes here and there while figuring out my next baby step in life.

When I’m ‘free’, it means I’m free to think, free to dream and free to do what I want. But now I don’t dare to think, dream nor do much. So, am I that free or not?

Ps: I post a lot on social media means that I’m still very much alive and very much happy. If I stop posting it means that I already have given up on the world. So don’t judge based on the posting


My blessings…my girls 

My two royal highnesses (we avoid calling them that actually) give me daily hair pulling and over-the-top yelling moments almost on a daily basis. But I am realizing  that these moments are starting to decrease. I attribute this sudden decrease to 3 reasons: 1/ my threshold has increased 2/ both of them have really grown up and 3/ I finally found ways to manage??? Perhaps I am finally seeing the light of the tunnel named — parenthood? 

For this post (after a long break, again), I wanted to grouse about my hair-pulling moments and maybe write one of those funny posts about parenthood that often trend on the social media. But as I was browsing through the camera roll to look for recent pictures of the girls depicting those moments, I found myself smiling at pictures that show the angelic sides of them instead! It’s pretty amazing how perspectives can change. So, o decided to write about how much of a blessings my girls are to us. 

1/ They are easily satisfied when it comes to food 

Depends on how one sees it, I personally finds it easy to feed these two girls. Big K only eat certain types of food and small K eats (almost) everything. So basically I just need to prepare what big K likes to eat, small K will eat. Both snacks a lot so when we are home, I just need to stock up the fridge with milk and some chocolates they basically will leave me alone and settle their own snack time. 

2/ They can self-entertained without TV and Digital gadgets 

Big K has been amazing this year. She can finally go without Tv for one full day. Even when she’s at my mum’s she would asked me if TV were allowed after she has finished her work. But of course to ‘compensate’ her, she will get TV time over the weekends. So when she’s is free, she will just read, practice her piano or play with her sister. Small K, on the other hand, still needs her daily weekday TV time in the morning and after school (before we pick her sister from school). But after that daily dose of screen time, she will not ask for TV again. I think by the time she moves into primary one, like her sister, her screen time would reduce. When she doesn’t watch tv and after she finishes her work, she will self-entertain by drawing or role-play. 

3/ They are really funny children 

I think we are blessed because we have kids who do not like to make us angry. In fact they enjoy making us laugh and smile. So, other than giving us all the screaming moments, the things they say and their crazy antics really make our day.

4/ They are starting to chip in when it comes to house chores. 

I wished I have captured how big K tidies up her room. When she’s in the mood, she really does it very well and I mean spick and span kind. Small k has taken a liking to washing dishes after a meal and sweeping the floor. But they freaked out when I sounded them out for toilet washing 😅

4/ They laugh and cry with you 

This was taken when small K watched an episode of some Chinese drama with me. The male lead died and her whole face turned solemn and her nose and face started to turn red. The mummy was crying like a baby as well.

5/ They work well with routine

This picture pretty much summarizes their afternoons after school. Even when they are at their grandma’s, work will be packed and they are expected to complete work given. I’m no Tiger mum, I don’t scold them if they do wrongly. I give a star for every page completed. So far, both haven’t given me big issues when it comes to assessment books. Big K is very adorable. She said that she would rather do the books than to go tuition. In fact I think they  enjoy the routine. I suspect it’s because I will stay in the room with them as they do their work and sometimes we will chit chat and simply spend time with each other. Honestly I hate the marking, I always forget to follow up. But if they are not complaining, why should I? 

So, here they are, my girls, my blessings, when they decide to be charming. These little moments shall momentarily make me stop wanting  to breathe fire at them when they really push their limits (such as lunch time, the screams, the sibling fights, day dreaming and the endless demands), I hope. 

Ps: I seriously hope I won’t jinx myself for writing this *fingers crossed*

Share Love not bugs

The madness of CNY this year started really fast this year and as usual, I often find myself out of time in the midst of the madness. I like to bake for my loved ones because I believe home-baked goodies are much healthier because you know what goes into them. This year, I plan out my CNY preparation rather early and was all raring to go. The plan would allow me to have ample rest despite the madness. I even worked out the plan without compromising on my tuition schedule and the kiddos’ study schedule. But like the chinese saying, 人算不如天算 (God’s plans supercede our own), my plans were once again thrown out of the window (I seem to be having issues with keeping to plans these days).

Last weekend (1 week before CNY), the Mr fell ill suddenly. He was practically in bed the whole weekend, with very little appetite. He complained of tummy bloated-ness and body aches. Immediately, things like dengue, zika came to my mind. Then Monday came, thinking that after the weekend’s bed rest probably helped, he went to work, only to have to return home midway. Once again, his body was aching and his head was throbbing. That very Monday afternoon, little K came home and her temperature suddenly rose. She was also unusually lethargic. The lethargy went on for 3 days together with her yoyo fever with the whole package of stuffy nose, cough and sore throat. The Mr was given a few days MC for the aches and then finally, fake measles and little K missed 3 days of school, including her school’s CNY celebration. So, there you go, my plans to go workout to burn all my pre-CNY fats and to bake all my favourite goodies in bigger quantities (so I can share around more) all vanished! In place, I had to check on my two sick darlings, go through medicines battles, constantly temperature, cook meals and also be the comfort pillow for the little one.

Then as though I was not given enough responsibilities and worries, big K’s class had a sudden stomach flu outbreak. The kids are taken till one by one with symptoms like tummy pains, vomiting and diarrhoea. I was at maximum paranoia yet, the little girl refused to let me keep her at home. The last thing I want is to have a puking girl in the house. So, I had to load her up with lotsa probiotics and vitamins and hope for the best. Right now I am still monitoring her because last the day before 2 kids had to be sent home for the same symptoms.

This few days probably tired me out so much that last night I just KO-ed and completely DID NOT WAKE UP to check on little K’s temperature. There few days also got me very angry. Why? Well, the girls and the Mr study and work in a school setting respectively. For some reasons, the way virus and germs spread in schools in out modern and supposedly developed country can be very scary. It is so normal to hear kids sniffing and coughing and yet still being sent to schools. And all these are because parents find it hard to get leave to care for sick children or they can’t get alternative care for their children. To make matter worse, this is the festive period, everyone is rushing for time to get things ‘settled’. So, schools seem to be the best place to put the kids in.

I can completely understand. I myself was so tempted to put small K in school today because her fever seems to have settled so that I can have that 3-hour free time to go battle it out in supermarket like famine is coming soon (I really cannot figure out why CNY is like some war and we must go and stock up EVERYTHING!) But she is still coughing and wheezing. So, despite knowing she will pass the temperature taking at the entrance, I chose to keep her at home. So, what I am trying to say is, yes, I understand that sometimes we really need the kids’ school time to get our things done.

BUT what I am appealing is, can we try to wear a mask if we are sick and I mean kids, included? I think this will help a lot especially in a school setting. I know there’s this unsaid stigma about mask wearing in Singapore. And people will tend to avoid contact, but HEY, isn’t it the whole point? You want to avoid people so that the germs won’t spread so, doesn’t it make your job easier if people chose to avoid you?

I cannot stop scratching my head why our educated society has such primitive practices such as not covering the mouths when coughing and sneezing and not practising proper hand-washing (observation in the public toilets). I also cannot fathom why people feel guilt for missing work due to sickness (the Mr being one of them. He got sent back for wanting to return to work, despite fake measles being not contagious)

I can’t say I am a 100% practitioner of good hygiene. I was guilty of sending kids to school, not 100% well. But I think I will try to make it a point so that I won’t disturb other people’s lives through inconsiderate act. This CNY, my girl will be wearing a mask when visiting (if her fever completely subsided), if her coughing is still persisting. I will ask her not to cough in front of others or cover her mouth if she really can’t control (she has been taught about it all the time). Hand sanitiser will always be with me. We hate to miss the festivities but we will celebrate with some caution. So I hope everyone else will too.

And so 2017 is here

And so, we bade good-bye to another year, a year which I have once again, lived in a blur. That would be two blurry years already, according to my last new year entry . I guess that happens when one seems to have lost that goal in life. Once that vision is gone, one just floats through time. 2016, I am just glad you are over. It was a huge and impactful year for the family with both little ones started new milestones – one in her first year of formal education while the other a new year in a new school. The daddy had an accident that set the family back for quite a few weeks. I ended my business, as intended at the end of 2015. It was a year of too many incidents, too many disappointments, too many self-doubts, too low a confidence and too few pockets of happiness. To be honest, I am a little cautious with 2017. It just started with my Macbook Air crash on me when I wanted to start this blog entry, kinda says a little bit?

I do have plans for 2017 but I am approaching with a lot of caution. I have too many baggages in the mind. I need to sing like Elsa…Let it go. I no longer dare to just go head-on with things. I have changed. Right now, I can only think pragmatism because I realised to realise dreams, I need to be pragmatic — yes, it took me that long to realise.

I want to accomplish lot in 2017 but it would also mean I have to plan my resources and time properly. So the word , or rather, words I would give myself this year is

Discipline and smile at the littlest things

I need discipline more than ever and discipline has never been what I am good at. I need to learn to juggle things well and I am talking about many things. I want to live each day with no regret. Every minute and every second has to count. I smiled too little in 2016. It takes too much to make me laugh. I need to just smile and laugh as and when I want. I also want to bring a smile to people by doing the smallest things. I want to do my little bit to make the society a little warmer.

I want to make my 2017 different. I need to make that happen….



Mother-Daughter Bonding @ 1Gravity

And so, we are in the last few days of the year-end holiday. To be honest, I am dreading the end, big time, because it is back to the same routine again for another year. I think we have been slacking to much since we came back from Japan so, with just a few days left of the holiday, I decided to make full use of it to really have some fun with the girls.

Today, after a movie date with the girls, I decided to try my luck at getting a haircut appointment with my hairstylist (and friend) of many many years, Ricky, at his new swanky salon, 1Gravity, for both big K and myself. And yes, we were lucky to get ourselves a slot in the afternoon and Big K was treated to her first salon experience.

This little girl totally enjoyed herself. She did her first ever salon hair wash and has a real professional haircut by Maestro Stylist, Ricky. Because she has to grow her hair long for the upcoming ballet exam, we can’t do anything drastic to her hair. So, he did a trim and tidy up her fringe to make the hair growth easier. We officially said good-bye to her bangs and now she has side parting just like the mama.


Getting ready for her professional hair experience


Wefie while waiting for our turn


Happy with her hair wash


Styled by Uncle Ricky



Happy customers at 1Gravity but this naughty messed up her hair moments later 😦

Bye bye bangs! Hello side parting

As for the mama, once again, she gave up on her shoulder length hair and went for shorter bop again! There is a really good reason why I have never gone to any other hairstylist since at least a decade ago. I can always count on Ricky to tidy up my super difficult to manage hair. I am always impressed at how he can layer my hair so nicely. That’s why I have referred quite a few friends and clients to him and I totally don’t mind referring more. So, if you need a new haircut or a new hairstyle for the upcoming CNY and are desperately looking for a new stylist, feel free to make an appointment with Ricky at


Tanjong Pagar Centre
7 Wallich street #B1-16 Singapore 078884

☎ 63865787

PS: This post is not sponsored or paid. Purely want to support an old friend’s new salon ;P



Day 3: ‘Lost’ in Otaru

When I said ‘lost’ I meant it literally and metaphorically. When I went to Hokkaido with my family years ago, for some strange reason, the famous ‘longkang’ aka Otaru Canal made an impression. It is really just a big drain lined by old warehouses. But years ago, I told myself I must come back for the night scene with my future partner to-be. It surely came true. I went back not just with my partner but also with two super playful little girls. Funny thing is, the day was not as ‘romantic’ as I envisioned.

Very early on day 3, the Mr took a solo recce to find our destination for the day aka Sakaimachi as well as the Otaru Music Box Museum. We decided that Mt Tengu should be saved for the evening because the night scenery is oneof the top 3 in Hokkaido. So, with all plans and route set, we started the morning walk that was probably the longest walk ever for the trip. This is all thanks to the early morning heavy snow (till now I still think it felt like a snow storm). The girls were thrilled and because the snow was beating hard on our faces, I think we made a wrong turn right at the beginning of our supposedly 30-minute walk and ended up at our destination only about 3 hours later (yes, to our complete disbelief). Of course, we did not spend that full 3 hours walking. There were quite a few stops along the way to compose ourselves as well as to get some warmth. We even made a long stop at the Otaru post office to mail out some post cards.

Treading in the heavy snow

Our stop at Otaru Post Office to mail some postcards


Finally we reached our destination at Sakaimachi which is basically where all the happenings are in Otaru. Famous Letao, rainbow ice-cream, 六花亭 Rokkatei and 銀の鐘 Ginnokane. Because we arrived pretty late and with Mt Tengu in the pipeline, we did not manage to have our leisure tea break at any of the cafes. Nonetheless, we still managed to pop into the famous but very touristy Otaru Music Box Museum. We did stay there for quite a while because we were too tired from the walk. Honestly, we weren’t very impressed and after making our payment, we went for a super yummy lunch at Victoria which I think is a must-try for all who visit Hokkaido. Apparently it’s famous for it’s hamburg. It also comes with salad and drinks bar.
Finally reached!
Otaru Music Box Museum
The girls were just so intrigued by the pretty music boxes. So scared they will break any of them
Famous Hamburg at Victoria
This is how to eat it. Slice and DIY grill on the tiny grill
My huge Ribeye steak
After the late lunch, we went to LeTao, hoping to grab a quick tea break before taking a cab to Mt Tengu Ropeway. But it was packed and so we did takeaway instead. As the skies started to turn dark, we hailed a cab, all prepared to go to the Mt Tengu Ropeway station. In the cab, the driver started to radio someone. Turned out he was checking if the Ropeway was even operating. And his suspicion was right, it was closed for the day due to bad weather. On one hand, I was very thankful for the kind help by the cab uncle, on the other, I wished I could check earlier so that we would have waited for a table at LeTao, if I knew earlier, or even grabbed my rainbow ice-cream.  (So lesson learnt, when it is winter always remember to find means to check if various attractions were operating. )
Very very disappointed, we asked the cab uncle to send us back to our Airbnb. The girls were so disappointed that they could not see more snow, so, I brought big K out to an open space near our apartment for some snow fun.
Unconvinced that we might have to end the day on such a low, Mr suggested that we quickly grab a cab and return to Sakaimachi to have the rainbow ice-cream. In just 15 minutes we found ourselves slurping the famous ice-cream at Vienna cafe 15 minutes before its closing time YAY!


After that we continued exploring Sakaimachi and we had our dinner at a very local seafood diner (俺のジンギスカン)where I had the best Uni Don ever!
After dinner, we continued braving the snow to the famous Otaru Canal for the famous night scenery.


Finally our batteries started to flat out and we made our way back to the apartment. To end the super eventful day, we stuffed ourselves in the famous LeTao desserts…and were totally blown away by the fromage cheesecake!
I guess after this particular, we were no longer fazed by any unexpected events. And that’s also the day I realised itinerary was not meant to be followed for this trip.
Our Journey:
Day 1 & 2 KIX to Hokkaido
Day 3: ‘Lost’ in Otaru
Day 4: Mt Tengu & Sapporo
Day 5: Sapporo & Maruyama Zoo
Day 6: Back in Otaru
Day 7 : Shiroi Koibito & our last snowy encounter
Day 8: Hokkaido to KIX to Osaka
Day 9: Lego Discovery Centre & USJ
Day 10: USJ to Home

Day 1 & 2 KIX to Hokkaido

Merry Christmas! A rainy Christmas eve it was and here I am reminiscing our snowy holiday. When oh when will I ever spend Christmas in the midst of white snow.

Anyway, since I am sleepless (insomnia strikes again), I might as well start blogging more about the trip while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind. I shall start with the our day 1 and day 2.

Day 1: On the plane and Hotel Nikko Kansai

For this trip, we chose an afternoon flight out of Singapore. We realise that as we age, taking red-eye flights can be very tiring especially with young children. I really dislike the feeling that we can’t check into the hotel upon the early arrival. We learnt our lesson from our last trip to Osaka when we had to roam around very lethargically before we could get our first shower and rest after the long flight. Yes, we did ‘save one day’ but I think that one day saved was rather meaningless due to the fatigue and the waiting. So, for this trip, we chose a different flight timing and arrived in Kansai at night. ‘Wasted’ almost the whole day on the plane but at least we did not feel as tired as before. Since our flight to Hokkaido was at 8.30am the next morning, we spent the night at Hotel Nikko Kansai which is just opposite the airport. I wish we could stay longer at this  super comfortable hotel and not just for about 7 hours. So, our day 1 was just gone like this — 7 hours on the plane, almost one hour clearing customs, then 30 mins of supper and then 7 hours of sleep in the hotel.


Family picture before departure


Body still not used to the cold. All masked up during the walk to the hotel


Luxurious toiletries at Hotel Nikko. The only picture I captured of the hotel











(Tip: Hotel Nikko Kansai is very popular and expensive hotel because many travellers will choose to stay here for the night before proceeding to downtown the next day but if you can book at least 60 days in advance, they offer super good early bird rates. For us, we actually got the twin room for $154 via

Day 2: New Chitose Airport & Otaru

Day 2 spelt the real start of our holiday. The troop probably only caught less than 6 hours of sleep before our next leg of journey. As I did not manage to book ourselves on the ideally timed 9.30am JAL flight to New Chitose Airport so, we had to settle on the 8.30am flight on ANA (which was actually my preferred airline between the two). The girls were fantastic, woke up fairly quickly without much dilly and dally and off we walked to the airport to check in and have our brekkie at Mcdonalds. Everything went according to plan and the flight was exceptionally pleasant as it was very empty. We even got to change our seats to window seats.


Wefie before we board the domestic flight


We flew on ANA




Thanks to the empty flight we could take the window seat and saw such beautiful clouds







There you are, Hokkaido in all white snowy glory

We arrived at New Chitose Airport around 9.30am. The plan for this day was to just explore the airport, which is great for shopping and for kids. Top on the list was the Waku Waku Doraemon Sky Park. The Ks like Doraemon cartoons very much and so, this park was included in the plan just for them. Enroute to our destination, we discovered Royce Chocolate World. The girls were amazed at the automated production line of Royce Chocolate and I wish we had more time to explore.

So, back to the Doraemon Sky Park. It was definitely not very crowded and to be honest, I was disappointed that it was rather small. It is a like a mini trickeye museum where you can take fun 3D pictures. Instead of spending more time in the paid area, the girls spent a longer time at the FREE little playground (also Doraemon theme) next to the actual park ;(


Royce Chocolate World…wish we had more time to explore


Girls just stared at this chocolate making machine for a long time


Here we are!


Very very rare chance to meet and greet Doraemon


Lotsa picture taking setting


So cute




At The FREE playground


I cannot resist buying from the gift shop


Dorami Taiyaki

We spent slightly less than 2 hours at the sky park. After which, we decided to skip the Hello Kitty Happy Flight park as well as the planned lunch at Doraemon cafe so that we can have our first proper Japanese meal. I had my first Uni Ikura Don and the Mr had Zaru Soba. Post-lunch was spent roaming around the level shopping area. I would strongly suggest friends who intend to visit Hokkaido allocate at least 1-2 hours at New Chitose Airport. Most of the famous Hokkaido foods can be found (like LeTao, Shiroi Koibito etc) and more importantly, there is a Calbee shop there. I have always been a great fan of Calbee’s Jagariko, especially the salad flavoured potato sticks. So, I almost jumped in glee when I saw the shop selling the Jagariko in REAL POTATO and HOT! Big K was turned instantly into #1 fan (she had two cups when we departed).


Yummy hotate, Uni and Ikura Don…I concluded that I don’t quite like Ikura but am crazy about Uni


Mr’s set


Mega Mega Capsule Trap


I can have many many cups of this!




Shopping paradise for the pokemon fans

After spending about half a day at the super happening New Chitose Airport, we bade our good-bye and went on our first train journey to Otaru. The train journey gave us a glimpse of what to expect for the next few days. We saw traces of snow and the ocean view, we saw as we approached Otaru, was simply breathtaking.

At Otaru station, we were greeted by our Airbnb host, Hirofumi san and we started our first family airbnb experience. The little apartment was definitely a new experience for us. Everything was so ‘Japanese’, from the futons on the floor, to the tiny lounge table with warmer underneath. Not forgetting the Japanese styled bathroom. Certainly an unforgettable stay. (The link to Hirofumi san’s airbnb listing is here)

As we got too comfortable in the apartment, plans to grab a nice dinner out was scrapped. We decided to walk to the nearby supermarket to grab some food instead and we experienced our very first heavy snow storm on the way there and back. Otaru certainly welcomed us with lotsa snow.


The only picture we got from the outing to the supermarket. We were simply happy to hide from the crazy snow.

So, here it is….our pretty smooth and uneventful day 1 and 2 of the holiday, except for that unexpected heavy snow. Shall post more on the trip over the next few entries.