~BB Kay’s Diary~ My Birth Story!

Hi everyone! My name is Kaylea Ng and I was born on 20th October 2009 in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. I was 4 days late and because of that, mummy had to go under the knife to get me out of her tummy. I was really having fun in her tum tum and that’s why I wasn’t really keen to come out of it. However, because of my playfulness, Doctor Pat Sim, the doctor who delivered me, discovered that the umbilical cord was around my neck, 2 rounds. Mummy and Daddy were just elated that they made the right decision to help me out.

During the operation, mummy had to go through a lot of pain because of the dreadful epidural injection. But fortunately, all was well when I was born at 6.03pm. Daddy was there to carry and me and I saw a really tired mummy for the first time.

I was born 3.715 kg and 52 cm tall. Mummy thinks that it was because of my height that caused her to have bruises at her ribs. Both mummy and daddy were also very surprised that I was that heavy but I quickly lost 400 grams upon discharge as I was not feeding well on mummy’s breasts. Nonetheless, weight loss in the 1st week is common among young babies.

I still remember when I entered mummy’s room at the hospital, I was greeted by gong gong, po po, nai nai and ye ye. Not forgetting my gu gu and ah yi. They were simply happy to see me! Me, too, was very excited to see them because I know they will surely dote on me a lot =P

BB Kay 1st family Photo


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