~BB Kay’s Diary~ Health Report (1 week and 6 week-old)

30th October 2009

I was 1 week and 3 days old when mama and papa brought me out of the house for the first time to see my doctor, Dr Belinda, for a follow up on my development. Why was Dr Belinda my PD? Well it was simple. Mama and Papa did not really know who would be a good PD for me when I was still in mama’a tummy. So, based on the list given by Dr Patricia, papa just chose the one next to Dr Patricia’s clinic. Also, mama and papa observed that there will always be ang mos at the clinic whenever they passed by the place. What a weird way to pick a doctor for me, right? Totally not putting much thought into it….Anyway, they are simply glad to have made the choice as Dr Belinda is well-known for being very pro-breastfeeding. So, this gave mama an indirect stress to ensure that I am fed 100% breastmilk.

Well, back to my first visit (getting really naggy like mama). That day, Aunty (mama’s confinement lady) was with us and carrying me thoughout the whole visit, protecting me like a hawk. Turned out that I was very well-behaved as I slept through the whole thing from the moment we sat in the car till we reached home. I only momentarily opened my eyes to peep at the super cool doctor when she checked on me and her conclusion was that I was doing really well (of course I was! Other than sleeping, drinking and pooing, I practically was doing nothing!). She was happy that I have regain my birth weight and even put on more…I was 3.9kg by the end of my 1st week…no wonder I started to hear mama complain about her aching arms and even fingers….

1 December 2009

I visited Dr Belinda for the 2nd time when I am 6 weeks old. This time round, I did not sleep throughout the visit. In fact I was wide awake. My eyes were roaming and was just amazed by the bright lights of the clinic. I remember that mama and papa was trying to assure me that vaccination is not scary but it turned out that they remembered the date for vaccination wrongly! I am scheduled to only take it when I am 3 months old. As usual, my weight was taken and I am certainly growing – 5.36 kg and 59.5 cm tall.

When it was our turn to see Dr Belinda, the first question that she asked mama was, “Are you still breastfeeding?” See? how pro-breastfeeding she is? Then she started checking on me. I simple love the way she does her checks. She was just flipping me around, turning me on my tummy, sitting me up. It was sooooooooooooooo fun! (Although I could almost see the faces of mama and papa turning pale) I was given a thumbs up by her and she even praised me again for being a well-behaved baby.

After the visit, I started to feel hungry and became really cranky. Mama had no choice but to feed me at her gynae’s clinic where she was doing a check on her wound. See? I sure know how to make a good impression on Dr Belinda when she is around..hee hee hee…



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