Hello World…

If you are reading this, unfortunately, welcome. Why am I starting this blog? Honestly, there’s no particular reason. I have been blogging regularly on multiply but for some reason, it can’t satisfy my desire to write entirely. Encouraged by my dearest hubby (whom I have been really nasty to most of the time and yet at the same time, one of the few people who seems to appreciate my way of writing), I decided to really blog.

My obsession with writing dates back to long long ago when I was still a kid in primary school. Since then I have been writing books and books of journals in all sorts of designs and cartoon characters. The pen and paper way of documenting my thoughts soon made way for online blogging on multiply. Until very recently, I realise that my life is no longer all about the wedding, the marriage and the baby. Many things go through my head daily and yet, I hardly have the time nor platform to pause and mull over them like I used to. So, here I am boring you with my first entry.

Believe it or not, I actually spent half a day thinking about what the name of the blog should be and how should I describe it. In the end, I gave up as all possible options are too cliche for my liking. Decided to just continue the name I adopted while blogging on multiply. What will this blog be about? Not sure, really. Maybe just cliche stuffs like, anything and everything under the sun?

So, hopefully, I can make this blogging thing work. Stay tuned and if you are really bored and need some form of distraction, do come by if you want to.


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