The bug has caught me!

Yes! I am down with with either a cold or a flu bug. My throat is now constantly dry and aching. Not helping is my migraine buddy is back with another round of visit. Blame it on everything – the weather, the back-to-work, the sick candidates and the germ-contaminated scripts that I am facing now. But I should also blame myself! I realised that I haven’t been taking my vitamin C tablets diligently.

Yesterday, I was totally knocked out, thanks to the tablets. Did not get to carry BB Kay till her night feeds. Hate wearing the mask which is suffocating. But I guess, for the sake of the little girl, I have to endure.

This morning I am totally dazed. Started to mark some of the scripts but my eyes couldn’t stay open. That’s why I decided to spam here a little, to distract myself. Really hate the feeling of being unwell.

Gosh…I have so much to talk here but so little time and energy. Now, I just want to finish as much work as I can in this lousy state of health and mind so that I can totally enjoy the upcoming eventful weekend.


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