And the obsession with the perfect diaper bag continues…

~Yet another break from all the marking…~

“What? Another Diaper Bag!” Yep! That’s the exclaim from my hubby when I kindly informed him that I am waiting to get my b box from mummy Jo.

The story of me and my obssession with the perfect diaper baby dates back in 2008 when we went to Italy. Well, knowing very well that we were planning for a baby, I decided to hunt for the big LV tote in Italy that I have been eyeing in Singapore. It actually cost 1.4k here and to my ultimate delight, I bought it at only 460 euros and that was before tax refund! The excuse I gave to convince my hubby was, ‘it is going to be my diaper bag!’

Then when I finally got pregnant, I was exposed to all sorts of diaper bags and changing kit. Never in my imagination that having the perfect diaper bag is so hard to achieve. So, before I gave birth, I went on to purchase yet another grey polka dot diaper tote from some unknown Japanese brand. This time round, I gave 2 excuses. 1) It was on sale and 2) It comes with a matching changing mat.

Finally after 40 weeks and 4 days of waiting, the little one finally arrived. I actually tried both totes. To get them organsied, I bought zipped cases from Daiso to organise all the stuffs. BUT I was still not satisfied! 1) I was brainwashed by hubby that a backpack will be better and more handy and 2) If I used tote, there’s no way I could convince my hubby to carry them! So, there came my 3rd diaper bag, one that I have been using for a few months – my Lassig Backpack. Love it because 1) has many compartments and 2) It comes with a matching changing mat.

Well, if you’d thought that I have found THE ONE, you are so wrong! Feeling indignant that my expensive tote is as good as useless, I am determined that I want to improvise and for some strange reason, I was preoccupied with the idea that a good diaper changing kit would do the trick. I started eyeing the super duper expensive Skip Hop Pronto since one of my browsing. However, I never had the guts to purchase due to its unreasonable price, until one fine day, it went on sale! The shopholic in me said, ‘BUY IT NOW!’ and so I did. Totally love it as I merely need to bring this little fellow when we are out for short hours and I can pop some of my own stuffs in it. Best part? It comes with a detachable changing mat (yet again…the selling point to me).

It seems that I am getting nearer to the perfect diaper bag with Pronto but nope, it’s not going to happen soon. Thanks to a dear friend of mine, someone whom I have given a Pronto to as a gift, I was introduced to B Box! I have been huge fan of smart innovation and this is becoming my latest addition of diaper changing related possessions. I haven’t seen the real thing yet but I am convinced that it will be a cool item to put in my LV tote, not forgetting the pretty changing mat.

The LATEST to my collection is a diaper bag organiser. Chanced upon it on fb but was turned off by the price. Remembered seeing something like this at the and I happily bought it as there’s a clearance sale.

So, here you go. The story of me and my obsession with the perfect diaper bag! Will I ever find THE ONE? We shall see!


5 thoughts on “And the obsession with the perfect diaper bag continues…

  1. hee hee… I’m so sorry…
    I used the skip hop… my mummy loves it… :p
    I love it too…
    goin to open ceremony my b box…

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