Weddings and me……

I love weddings! That’s without a doubt. I really do not know when did this love start but I just love them. Maybe it started when I was planning for my own. It also helped when many of my closest friends also walked the red carpet around during that period.

I remember fondly the time when Missy J and I just couldn’t stop talking and discussing about what we want to do for our weddings when we were still colleagues. I also remembered vividly that I cried when she did her first march-in. Just a few months before her wedding I also wept while, on stage as an emcee, when my dearest Secondary school friend, Missy L tied the knot with her dearest. The most recent was when Mr A read his wedding vows. I cried because he did.

Yes, weddings never fail to touch me and I cry during weddings (That’s why I have to wear waterproof mascara). I love to see people in love walking bravely into the next chapter of their lives. Ever since I watched the movie ’27 Dresses’, I also started to look at the grooms when everyone usually focuses on the bride. I love the way they look on lovingly at their wife-to-bes.

Why am I writing this now, in the midst of all the marking? I am really looking forward to 29th May. My dear cousin, I, will be tying the knot, finally, with his long-time gf, Missy V! Was just smsing the bride-to-be yesterday and could sense her stress. Not helping is the fact that she is unwell now. Just want to give them a little encouragement here. The planning process of a wedding is always crazy. Brides are always the one taking the blunt of it as girls, being girls, who doesn’t want THE PERFECT WEDDING? But sometimes the key is not just making the wedding the most beautiful. It’s also about making the marriage the most meaningful. A wedding also means the marriage of two families – something many of us still struggle to grapple with.

So, Missy V and Coussie I, if you guys are reading this, just want to say, enjoy the last few weeks of preparation. Look forward to THE day. It’s going to be the most beautiful day of your lives because it is the beginning of a brand new life together. No matter what kind of glitches will happen, it will still be the day you guys fondly remember as you grow old together.

Love you guys!


3 thoughts on “Weddings and me……

  1. Hehe…I will never forget the term Mel coined for you – ‘bridezilla’. Lol.. Still sore I didn’t get to attend your wedding. I better make sure I see BB Kay before she’s not a baby anymore! Btw, I chatted with her recently and we decided that you are now upgraded to ‘babyzilla’!

    • Nay I think, on hindsight, the degree of my ‘bridezilla-ness’ was pretty mild. I have seen worse!!!!!!! ‘Babyzilla’…hmmm still ok. Haven’t had the time to really take up that! I merely adore BB Kay!!

      AND YES! You’d better make sure you see her when she is still a baby. But that means you have to be back before Oct 20!! Impossible right? By the time you are back, she will be in toddler stage already…

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