What should I blog about?

Was telling an ex-colleague on her blog that I am suffering from a blogger’s diarrhoea too, just that right now, I have no time to let it all out. Constipated, instead. But honestly, I have been pondering over what my hubby said to me a while back when he FINALLY read this blog. He said I should blog with a purpose and a theme. And then I showed him the link to Missy J’s blog (my favourite now!), and he said that that’s exactly what he was talking about. Hers is pretty focussed – macarons, recipes sharing, crafts and of course, her new status. (Babe, you know who you are? Let me know if I can share your link?)

So, as usual, he set me thinking again but this time round, he offered a solution. He said I should just blog about WEDDINGS! I was like ‘huh?’ He said it as a matter of fact, ‘since you like weddings so much. why not just blog about it?’

And because of this conversation, my blogger diarrhoea turned into a constipation (yes…I know this sounds gross). Suddenly, I realise if I take up this idea, I might face blogger’s constipation for a long time. C’mon, I don’t attend weddings every week not every month to have things to blog about. I am also very upset that I can’t b**** about this crazy driver who park into my lot @ Parkway Parade as this does not fall under the category of ‘weddings’. HOW?

So, I have decided that I shall cure my ‘constipation’ first by throwing all the randoms out. A blog on weddings? Hmmm nice idea…shall continue to ponder over it.


3 thoughts on “What should I blog about?

  1. June hols are coming soon. There’ll be time to post then. =)

    Btw,I’ve saved this blog under my ‘Daily Reads’! šŸ˜‰

  2. This blog falls under ‘Daily Reads’ so I’ll be sure to check it daily and not only when I’m bored la. Hee..Looking forward to updates!

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