The box that sent me to the moon…

I shall let the pictures do the talking first!

A surprise from Deutschland!

Tooooooo pretty to be eaten...


Yes, I know shamelessly showing off!! Missy J, you have no idea, how touched I was when my mum told me that our blur queen, Mang Noi (aka our helper from Myanmar) received this. Neither have you any idea how glad I was that this blur queen was not security savvy enough to treat this as unknown and suspicious object. Thanks for making these and mobilising your family to deliver this. It really made my day!!!! Finally, I savour the chocolate ganache macaron that I fell in love in after the very first time I tasted it AGAIN!

I am so going to take my time to enjoy this box of heaven (Yes, I know you are going to tell me that macarons are best consumed within a certain number of days…3 or 7??) but this is way too precious!!

Really miss you lots, Gal! Take care and thank you again!

PS: Maybe you can consider taking orders from Singapore??? I am sure business will be super brisk after this post…muahahhaha


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