Sending you off on your last journey…

Not many could understand the grief that we are going through. Afterall, we are not his direct grandchildren. The bunch of us lost our grand-father when we were very young, some were not even born when he passed on. But our dearest 三叔公 was ever ready to take over as our grand-father. Perhaps, the only grandpa we will ever know and remember. Now, we have also lost this dear 叔公 of ours and nothing can describe the sadness we are going through.

The whole bunch of us grew up at Blk 49, the old residence of 叔公. But we often refer it as Ah Bo 家. Ah Bo, the wife of 叔公, is as good as our grandma and was the one cooking for us, lunch and dinner, while our mums gathered to chit-chat and played mahjong. The flat is filled with memories of our childhood and it was where we called our 2nd home.

As coussie D has rightly described, ‘our 叔公 is someone who brought up our parents when our grandparents died, someone who love us as his grandchildren , we are the “grandchildren” that grew up listening to 丽的呼聲, grew up watching him sell veggies and bringing special food back when he wins in bet, grew up smelling his smoke , seeing him roam in signature striped boxer, nicknames for us like 小妖怪, 大種人, , for me someone who grew up as he seat me on his leg pretending to be the 20cents “ko ko beh” This is our grand uncle , our 叔公 who took one the role of our grand father who pass away earlier…’

It’s especially sad for us because it was too sudden. Within a day, we lost him. It’s especially sad for me because I did not get to see him when he breathed his last and also it was only the first year, BB Kay visited him on Chinese New Year. I had also wanted him to hear BB Kay to call him ‘zor gong’ when she start to learn to speak. We really can’t grapple with the loss because we blame ourselves for not visiting him more often when he was around. But knowing the pain that he had to go through even to take a breath, we can’t blame him for letting go.

We know that he is off to a place with no pain nor tears. I just hope that he is smiling from above, knowing how much we, his grandchildren love and miss him.


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