Down and delirious!

Down because I was given doctor’s order to rest…she knows my body is crumbling soon and I need the rest to reboot. My appetite has also been dwindling. For the past week, I was at a stage of food refusal, yes, think anorexic but not exactly. I simply couldn’t put food in my mouth without the urge to puke. And yes, it’s stress-related, apparently. Today, I actually felt much better. I managed one quarter bowl of kway chap, half a bowl of fishball kway tiao, one quarter of a popeyes’ biscult and a cuppa teh-si. Just down half a bowl of chai bo kway tiao. Interestingly, my usual most hated foods are becoming my comfort foods these days. For example, fishball kway tiao (to the horror of my mum and hubby). And to the mirth of my sister, my most loved foods have become my most hated foods such as Japanese foods (YES! I know it’s shocking to all who know me!) and STEAK! Suddenly, I am eating healthy! Anyway, thanks to this illness, I was given a pretty long MC – 1 week- to rest! Initially I wanted to disobey my matriarch’s order with every intention to return work tomorrow but as though she knew that, she sent some bug to me and now, I am down with a terrible flu and cough. So, I guess REST, I MUST or else I can’t carry my little munchkin too often.

Delirious because I have so many things on my mind. My body is sick but my brain couldn’t stop working. Firstly, it was about the relief lessons! How am I supposed to pass work to my kids? Well, many told me to just rest, I am not indispensable. They are right, but I am concerned. Next, I want to plan a big bash for munchkin’s 1st birthday! We about 3 months away and all we have done (or rather all I have done) is to buy many uninflated balloons.  Then, it’s the house! It’s almost done and pretty  nicely done up too. Hubby is simply a genius designer who really communicated my ideas in his drawings and wonderfully interpreted by my genius carpenter uncle and his contractor friend (although at a hefty price tag). I am looking forward to living there! But the headache is…moving! I really hate that! Lastly, something that sort of trigger a small discussion on my fb – my future direction. It’s actually very clear to me but the road ahead seems very scary and uncertain but I know I am brave to march ahead just that, I am getting impatient. And yes, I know, patience will pay off a little more.

So, here I am, almost unconscious and in a few minutes, still have to entertain our little munchkin as my parents are heading out. One brain and I am already so busy, what’s with those 9 brains, Mr Paul, the oracle octopus?


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