Awfully cho-co-la-teh!

Yet another break form the mind-bogging and brain damaging job of setting paper. Realised that I haven’t talked about this!

Remember a while back when I posted this on my fb status, ‘Just stoning away makes me realize that life is unfair! It’s almost impossible to have career and quantity time with your kid at the same time. When you pursue career, your time is controlled many other things and’s worse when some people don’t respect other people’s time!‘ and I must say that response was kinda overwhelming, to my surprise. For example on the kinda of people I am referring to, I will strongly encourage all to read the Monday Interview in the Life Section of ST on 12 July.

To summarise, this lady started Awfully Chocolate, selling only 1 type of cake, that is, chocolate fudge cake. And to begin with, she was not even an avid baker. But she went on to have many overseas franchise and from the look of it, she and her hubby will be heading to take a big bite in the big F & B pie. Usually, I would be inspired after reading such interviews, but I noticed that usually the interviewees must be a man or some unmarried woman for that inspiration to come.  On the contrary, this interview actually made me jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t. She is only 36, a CEO of her own company. Married with, not 1 but 3 kids. So, this is a classic case of the kind of woman I was talking about in my status! In her interview, she merely said, she spent time with her kids on weekends and thanked her mum and MIL for help and that’s about it. Very little was revealed, once again. I am that curious. I really want to know how these women balanced? I also want to know how the relationship is like between the mum and the kids.

Hmmm…I guess it does help a lot if you were an ex-lawyer with one of the top firms and not an ex-social engineer from a local education institution…

Oh well, once again, it’s one of those days. Or maybe it’s that flu, that call or that long forgotten dream.


3 thoughts on “Awfully cho-co-la-teh!

  1. I happened to read that particular article and was inspired by it too. Not so much by how to balance work-family life, but how she can manage to sell her cake with just 1 type of cake and selection of 2 flavors!!! Amazing!

    • Yep…it’s just amazing how such people can succeed!
      Have you tried their cakes? I am thinking of trying this weekend. And you always hang out at Joo Chiat right? Gonna try their EwF?

      • Tried their cake once but not to my taste. Now they have brownie too (at Vivo) but yet to try. Ya, i alway visit a few eatery there. Heard fm my frd EwF is gd but i haven tried.

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