Clearing the old and keeping the memories…

Mood in the morning was kind of affected because of an incident about work. Then, in my mind, I started this whole debacle on the issue of fairness and why people can become this and that while I am stuck. But then, I remember suddenly that now my priority has changed. So, a distraction was what I needed. So, I stopped my work (yep…supposed to be on MC) and started clearing this little area (or rather this 3-tiered tray) that has been an eyesore of mine for years! And my of my, I really have kept rubbish! Thankfully, not all ended up in the bin. I managed to find some lovely memories that gave me the first smile of the day (nope it’s not bb Kay because I was still in a daze when she was whisked off to her daily marketing by my parents).

Farewell Cards from ex-colleagues and photos from Pak Tor Days and 3 $1 coins

To my pleasant surprise, I found the above. Had a good read of the card from the EL dept from my previous school and realised that all this while, I really miss my colleagues, or rather, friends from there. Can’t help but to wonder, why did I choose to leave? Yet, in my heart, I know it was a matter of timing.

The photos were taken at various memorable places we went to as a dating couple. I developed them because I wanted to make a scrapbook as a wedding gift for him. But the scrapbook is sort of half-completed and now, I realised why. Time to get started again?

The 3 $1 coins were from these long forgotten ang bao, FIL gave us during CNY. He got them from a temple. Not too bad. That can buy me a nice meal from my fave kopishop.

Other items..

Next, I found my old camera. Not too old actually. Just changed to a new one earlier this year when hubby bought me a new camera. Kinda miss this camera because it had gone through quite a bit with me. It was also a gift from hb, then bf. Problem is, I can’t quite remember was it birthday or Xmas present..uh oh! Got to check my archives. This camera went to HK, Jap, Italy and Switzerland with us. Saw us through our pak tor days, wedding day and the birth of our little girl. And honestly, it is still working well just that decided to get a new one as it could no longer capture the hyperactivity of our little girl.

Then of course, batteries. Just when we thought we run out of batteries, I found these. Aren’t most of us like this? Always buying excess without realising that we could have old ones hiding somewhere in our mess?

So much for the nostalgia.  But what happened to the rest? Please see below…

In the Bin!

I am actually still deciding on what to do with that 3-tier tray which has shouldered so much unwanted burden and nonsense for years. Right now, I am just resting it next to the bin and will decide when the need arises.

The poor unwanted trays.


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