Nuts about Weddings…

My favourite topic again, again and again! I am sure some people reading this probably be thinking, ‘WAH! This woman is crazy, is it? Married for so long already, still talking about weddings? She want to get scolding from husband ah?’

For a start, it was my dear husband who suggested that I should be blogging about weddings. And people, maybe you guys will be so interested in reading about weddings and will get so inspired to get wed soon? (Okie kiddos reading this, PLEASE finish all your further studies first!) Also with your kind support, maybe some famous companies will drop me an email and offer me some advert monies? I don’t mind that because formula milk is really expensive!

Anyway enough of sidetracking. Why this?

Was chatting with a friend on fb (babe, you are probably reading this now) and this topic about wedding blogs came up. And she told me about this groom (or rather, an ex-groom) started blogging about weddings. And honestly, this is refreshing! A man blogging about weddings! I am sure we have heard of bridezillas but groomzillas? Rarely! So, blogging this just to share this Very informative and check out the adverts here! He got a money spinner there!

Then, the chat continued and turns out my friend also got a wedding blog herself. (Missy S, if you happened to read this, let me know if I can share, ya. Drop me a PM šŸ™‚ ) And it’s really interesting as well.

After reading both, I started to wonder if the blog that I used to keep to document my own wedding is still around. And guess what? I googled and I found it! (Googled because I only remembered the 1st part of the web address but not the host…hahaha what an ingrate I am). And I started reading it a bit. Certainly brings back lots of memories. So, those who are super free on a rainy and lazy Sunday and want to do some brainless reading, you are welcome to the blog.


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