The Best Director on Earth – One who made us question if the reality is ever real…

A quick post before I slip into lala land to begin dreaming…knowing fully that I will wake up to Monday, a day no one likes…

Well well, movie buffs should know what I want to blog about after reading the title..YES! YES! YES! Inception! The best movie I have watched this year thus far! I knew that I had to watch this and I am glad that I have done so. After all, it has been a looonnng while since I watched a real though-provoking and haunting movie and the only director, in my opinion, who can do such movies, is none other than the very person who wrote and directed Inception, Christopher Nolan.

Highly recommend interested parties about this young director to read this rather interesting webpage on him And surprise, surprise, he is only 40 years old and I must say what a genius he is!

My preoccupation with this director started 10 years when a movie review in the ST Life section prompted me to catch ‘Memento’. That was the first time I watched a movie alone. I had to do so for a simple reason, this was considered an Indie movie and no one was interested to catch it. After all, it was not everyday that a movie reviewer rate a 5/5 for a movie. I went and I was stunned. From then on, I knew that my standard for a good movie had risen exponentially. This movie was exactly what Ong Sor Fern had described, haunting and thought provoking. And it was also the first time, I remained seated, astonished and was trying to figure out the movie again.

From then on, I never missed a single movie written by Nolan and I was probably one of the happiest person on earth when he was chosen to direct Batman – perhaps my all time fave superhero.

I guess I have always been a fan of thrillers especially those with clever endings, preferably with a twist that set people thinking. And honestly speaking, I think he is probably one of the best round in this genre and ‘Inception’ proves that even after his blockbuster outings due to ‘Batman’, he still has this ingenuity in him.

Would highly recommend those who likes ‘Inception’ to hunt down ‘Memento’ and ‘Insomnia’. You will love them even more. NOW, if only I can hunt down his debut movie, ‘Following’.


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