Sometimes I wonder…

Sometimes, I really wonder…

1) How do people stay in the same job at the same place for 10 years, 20 years and even 30 to 40 years?

2) Why are restaurants underestimating the spending power of teachers and not have high tea specials for them on Teachers’ Day?

3) Why is it so difficult to find decent food between 2pm to 6 pm

4) Why people like to go crowded places and then complain of the crowd later on?

5) How do important people judge characters? Especially when the people they deem as heroes are seen as rotten apples in the eyes of many.

6) When will I find my passion in work again?

7) When can I spread my wings and fly?

8) When can I sing ‘London Bridge is falling down in front of the real London Bridge?

9) How to smile and laugh at the smallest things when I am misrable at the very place I am now?

10) When will 1.30pm come?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder…

  1. I stayed in the same job at the same place for 9.5 years … achievement or not? *lol* Reason being I love my colleagues, they are such darlings, I guess that’s the reason why a lot of my colleagues stay put for more than 10 years

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