Well well…the well-deserved break is here!

In total chirpy mode! Despite the constant complaints that the past 10 weeks was moving like a snail, they were still gone in the end! Can’t help but to celebrate LIFE hahahahah..

So, here are the things I am looking forward to this Sept break!

1) Attending GUG trial with BB Kay!

~ Did it yesterday and it was FUN! BB Kay got to paint, got to sing, got to listen to story! And I love spending such quality time with her! She enjoyed herself too! The loveliest thing about this is…she is finally exploring new sounds other than ‘bear and bird’. She now knows ‘cat’, ‘dog’ (or ‘dug’) and ‘ding ding’!! The JOY of motherhood!

2) More time spent with BB Kay! Planning an afternoon out at playgym. She is also attending her first ever 1st birthday party of her friend. Not to forget, BB Kay is starting her music class coming Sunday!

3) ‘Paktor’ with hubby! Gonna catch movies and have a nice nice dinner…just wondering where to go!

4) Gynae visit and detailed scan. Yes! And hopefully, the little one cooperates. Although I kinda of know if it’s time for a new wardrobe or not.

5) Packing! Certainly the time to do so! Did our first round today and only managed to pack half the MBR in 1 hour. But totally looking forward to moving to our new place!

6) ‘ME’ time! I am kinda hoping that I can have some of this to reflect a bit on life and journey ahead. Or even, just a shopping trip out to boost the economy a little.

So, everything is more or less planned and now I just need time to slow down a little so that I can savour the happy moments a little longer too…


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