Today, i see, hear and feel good

Mid-day is gone and I’m celebrating as it’s day one of hol without the need to go to work for even one minute! It’s starting promisingly as I am seeing, hearing and fe good things on life!

~ I played and bathed munchkin in the morning and attempted to feed her cheerios!

~ I went for a super relaxing facial and I felt super gooooooodd now!

~ I indulged in a piece of KFC chicken (yep the last place I would want to be caught in) to satisfy my craving for MSG. Note it’s just one piece as I refused to get sick of it! Thank goodness for Ultimate Value Box

~ Not to forget, I got the last piece of rib available!

~ I saw a bunch of school boys from St Pats, I think, clearing their table after eating! Rare rare sight!

~ shall spend the next hour shopping for books for bb Kay and as well as presents for her baby friends

~ lastly, I’ll plan breakfast for the munchkin for the next few days

Then it will be home sweet home to my little girl!


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