The Bundle of Joy comes with Great Responsibility

BB Kay is down. For the first time, really. An out-of-nowhere fever came on Tuesday and has been playing extreme yoyo with me since then. Her fever could fluctutate between 37.5 to 39.7 degrees celsius in matter of 4 hours. As PD doesn’t see sick babies in afternoons, I could only bring her to see our family GP on Tuesday. She was diagnosed as having throat infection. So, amoxicllin and paracetamol were given. Then home we went, and that’s when the poops came. Sticky and gluey looking ones. On that day she pooped abour 4 times and the next morning, we brought her to see Dr B.

The poops were tell tale signs and she diagnosed as viral infection, probably from her Kindermusik class. But to be on the safe side, she asked us to collect stool samples if blood in found in stools or if more chunks of mucus are passed out. That very day, her BB Kay’s fever went up to 39.4! Our paracetamol also ran out but forgot to get from Dr B. So, Papa Kay had to go GP to get over counter…and that’s when we found out that she was being over-prescribed paracetamol. Instead of 2.5ml 4 hourly, she was prescribed 5ml 4 hourly. Thank goodness, we skipped 2 feeding sessions in the morning and afternnon. Or else, she will really be overdosed. Sigh…

Day 3. Took leave to stay at home because her fever went up to 39.7 the previous night. And thank goodness for the leave. Dr B’s nurse called and told us that parasites are found in her stool samples. So, I had to send in more, one yesterday and one today, to confirm. This will also help her in deciding on treatment. So, off I went to Parkway East (formerly known as Eastshore), to get more stool cups to collect the samples. The moment I was at the barrier to get out of the place, mum called and it was ‘stool alert’. Rushed home because stools need to be freshly sent within 2 hours and back to the hospital to give the sample. Then, it was home the whole day, monitoring her temperature and having medicine battles with her.

Day 4, which is today, starts. Mama Kay’s brain is almost dead from 3 nights of 4 hourly waking up to take temperature and the midnight battles to feed her medicine. Totally out of ideas on how to coax this little girl to savour her paracetamol and smecta. Only good news is, her fever seems to be subsiding. Highest was at 1am plus @ 37.5. To be on the safe side, we still gave her paracetamol and instead of monitoring her 4 hourly, it’s 6 hourly now. Totally on stand by to wait for her to poo so that I can send in samples laterGoing to send the samples at 9am because she just pooped!.

I am just thankful that this little girl, despite trying to battle these parasites in her body, has been all cheery and playful as usual. She definitely has had some cranky moments like, whining and screaming when we put the cooling gel on her and of course, medicine battles, but she is becoming even more endearing. She loves coming to me and lie on me. She loves sleeping my my arms. (yes arms are aching from carrying her for naps)

Now, I just hope parasites will quickly get out of my little girl’s body and NOT lay any eggs inside…sigh…please let my little girl be healthy and strong.


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