Parasites in the house

3 rounds of stool tests were done and bb Kay is found to have contacted Amoeba Parasites in her intestinal system. Go google on this and you will find out that this is not rampant in Singapore and these are usually found in people from 3rd world country. How on earth did these parasites find their way to my darling girl?

PD suspects is the maid from Myanmar. Honestly I have always had issues about jet hygiene practices. Her stools samples were also sent in to be tested. So, she could be the carrier and she could have passed these parasites to us because she does handle our foods. Problem is, what if it’s not her?

Now, I’m just counting down to 1st Oct! The end of the 2 week antibiotics treatment that bb Kay has to take to flush these irritating parasites out of her body. Medicine feedings have been nightmares for me and my mum. So imagine giving her dosage of 3.75 ml 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Very often all the coaxing ends up with force feeding.

Just hope this ordeal will be over soon. Please let my little girl recover well and quick from this strange illness. She is losing weight so quickly that ny heart just ache everytime I hold her close.

Parasites! Please just get lost!


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