Yes! I WILL be positive!

Today is a weird day of emotion roller coaster for me. To cut the story short as I need to move on…I was a victim of taiji masters. NOTE! Not just one BUT a few! Not that I want to fight for rights or anything, but shame on you people for bullying a pregnant woman whose 1st child is still housing parasites in her body. And NOTE that, I did not use PREGNANCY as an excuse to avoid the arrows shot in my direction.

So, the thing is, and I have mentioned before, this negativity at work is going to consume me alive soon. The only things that are pushing me to go to work are 1) the kiddos and 2) the cynical but sarcastic as well as the nice colleagues who knows nothing about taiji. Hence, to put a smile on my face when I go to work everyday, I need strategies! As many has advised me, I need to be more positive at work because it ‘s going to affect the lil’ one.

Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, I shall do the following:

1) Hear no evil! See no evil! Say no evil! – Although for some reason, when people do evil things, I will come to know!

2) Upon seeing a taiji master nearing… SIAM!

3) Smile and laugh more even at jokes that are not funny at all. Oh well, at least laugh that that joker.

4) If I am really not feeling well, no point pressing on. Just go home! The world will still spin with or without me.

5) Bury myself in work that I really want to do! Namely, coming up with strategies that can help my kiddos score A1!

6) If people come and tell me that they are also tie down with this and that, tell them to take over my grad classes and I take over their load.

7) If I am unhappy! Voice it straight out in the face of that person because I do not want to have internal injuries. This serves as a warning to whoever that he/she should practise taiji elsewhere.

8 ) If no. 6 and 7 happens, gloat about it, in private.

See? After typing out the strategies, I actually feel so much better! Gosh! I am so loving my life!


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