Peer pressure cooker

Peer pressure has always been known as something extremely detrimental. With it also comes comparison. And for many, unfortunately, including myself, can never run away from it. And it all starts when we started our lives as bubs when our mums compared us with some other babies in terms of crossing the milestones. Even now, as a mum, I’m guilty of doing the same to bb Kay.

Then we move on to childhood. Peer pressure can come in all forms and reasons. I can vividly remember that I was always been compared with a cousin on the maternal side. And because of these comparison, I held a grudge against my late grandma who was the one feeding my mum info on how well that cousin had done and of course, that cousin whom I can’t stand the sight of, till now. Then we feel pressured by fellow classmates who could do ‘zero point’ so well and have so many nice toys to play with.

Teenage-hood is probably the worst for many. The pressure to look good and be skinny. The jealousy felt when the guy you fancied started going out with another. The feeling of depression when you seemed to lose out in almost everything to the rival in love. For some, it would be bad peer pressure that caused them to pick up all the undesirables.

Then comes tertiary life. It’s all about how to have more fun than others. How to be the more popular then others and how to have suave and cool boyfriend during that period.

Like a leech, peer pressure continues after graduation. Pay is often the basis of comparison and boy, it sucks to be envious of those who earn more than double your pay despite starting at the same time and are of the same age! Not forgetting, the peer pressure of getting Bf (rich and successful) and having the most glamourous wedding thereafter.

At motherhood stage, one would think peer pressure would ease. But no way! The peer pressure to breastfeed as long as you can. Who hits the pre-pregnancy weight the fastest? Whether our babies are comparable to other babies in terms of weight and hitting the milestones. And of course, if the 1st party would be the most memorable one. Soon, it will be who gets pregnant again.

Then when the kiddo starts to school. It’s all about the results and who is more gifted than the other. Are our kids losing out in the society.

When the kids grow up, we will compare how successful they are with kids of our friends.

As we grow older and hopefully, richer, women will compare how many botox treatments they go to and men? How many times they go to the gym to maintain that body of a 30 year-old.

Soon, it will be how many grand-children we have…

Sadly, that’s our lives. Somehow our lives are dictated by others’ successes or failures. This is simply too depressing..


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