Let me just end today on a happier note!

Good ol’ fren migraine caught me off guard today again. Triggered by immense heat in the office (yes…the air-con decided to go on strike again) and over-inhaling of carbon dioxide, I went into a deep deep ‘coma’ after throwing up the horrid fish burger I had. Now, with the rest and the rain (that cooled down my entire world), I feel good!

Actually the week was not supposed to start in pain. It’s the start of a good week. Firstly, Friday would be the last day of the 2-week ordeal that BB Kay has gone through to rid her body of the parasites. No more medicine from this Saturday onwards. BB Kay can go party and start her lessons again!

Then come Saturday, which is our ‘house-moving’ day. After 1 year 3 months of being its owner and almost half a year of renovation, our new home is ready and we will officially move in this week. Had a lovely time cleaning the place up yesterday and I just can’t help but to fall in love with it once again. I can imagine how Kay will crawl to and fro the living room and her playroom and read in her little corner in the study. The space will certainly make her happier than it would have been in our old place.

Then, it’s exactly 2 weeks away from bb Kay’s big bash. Had wanted to make today a little more pleasant by starting on the process of finalising details like no. of pax, food, viewing of venue, goodie bags and decor. But sigh, migraine just thwarted my plans. Oh well, I shall start things off again tomorrow. Actually, looking at the recent birthday parties, I can’t help but to feel a little pressured. I guess it’s human nature. But judging at my constantly expanding guest list (yep…mum just asked if we want to invite this person that person although I haven’t said yes) that is pushing the 100 mark, I have rationalised that I can only do that much. My initial hope that it will be a children’s party is becoming more like a wedding lunch. Well, looking at it more positively, I am happy that BB Kay and us are sooooo blessed to have so much love and ‘face’ from relatives and friends. Despite the concern of not being a good host, it’s going to be one big gathering for people who are important in our lives. So, mummy Tien shall not worry like the Mr Pooh (yep the main character of the theme) and just try my best to make everyone feels at home.

Once the party is done, it will be holiday planning! Papa Kay is so sweet. I can’t help but to smile at this conversation:

Papa (looking at this cute little pooh bear mug on the dining table): Where is this thing from? Disneyland?

Me: Yep!

Papa: Did we buy it when we went there ?

Me: Nope! Think my mum got it when we went there.

Papa (went to the pack his bag): Think girl girl will enjoy Disneyland.

Me: Ya…I think so too.

Papa: I think we should bring her. (and he went to his car and went to work)

We were actually having a dilemma, despite the initial decision to bring her to Japan. It was between a highly possibly tiring holiday with her (of course with the help of my village) and a nice romantic getaway for just the 2 of us. So, I guess, to date, it’s still the latter.

Horrible start to the day but I am glad that I woke up with only positive thoughts. Let me just count my blessings and I am a happy woman!


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