The restless mind is acting up again!

As much as there are so many things I’m dreading in the next few weeks to come, I’m psyching myself to enjoy the holiday the moment it arrives! Here’s the plan, in no particular order or logic!

1) I’m going to rearrange my recipe book cabinet and tea and tea set collection. Oh not forgetting, expanding the collection of both section.

2) I’m so gonna bake and bake my newest obsession — sponge slices

3) Start clearing up the girls’ room which is a complete mess like a storeroom and get it ready for temp stay of the confinement lady.

4) Start sorting out clothes to wash to prepare for arrival of meimei

5) Start my photo book project for bb Kay

6) Shop for Xmas presents

7) plan our house warming parties

8 ) move my craft materials from mum’s and start doing something.

9) look forward to our staycations pre and during Xmas!

10) most importantly, start day-dreaming of my future.


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