Enroute to be a YMTT!

YM = Yummy mummy
TT = Tai Tai
So, go figure what is YMTT.

Well, those who know me well enough will know that I call myself a pseudo tai tai aka a tai tai wannabe. I am perfectly fine without my branded bags but I cannot do without my high tea, slices and scones. Not that I LOVE scones a lot but I just like the idea that scones were delicacies of the upper class in old times England.

Friends would know that whenever I am down or feeling depressed, a lovely tea at a lovely hotel lounge (think, Shangri La, Fullerton, Regent, Cookie Museum etc) will completely rejuvenate me! More effective than SPA because I can never stay still in the latter. Really have no idea what is it with me and high tea. Maybe it’s the idea of sipping gourmet tea from branded bone china and savouring the yummy treats on pretty porcelain. But I think very very importantly, it’s the company. Tea sessions are great times to catch up, chit chat, gossip and laugh (though as dainty as we try to be). No stress, no interference and no disturbance from the unwanted.

Totally wondering when and where is my next atas high tea session… thinking Tiffin Room @ Raffles Hotel, anyone?


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