50,000 baby names but where’s the ONE?

Indeed, 26th Nov is over! I am a wee bit happier, minus the fact that it’s a Sat, and I am at work and that 11th Dec is another Sat, I got to come back (although it’s probably the LAST!).

While waiting for the kids to come and see me, decided to do a browse online for names befitting missy #2. Had a discussion with daddy yesterday and he rejected my first choice – Kaira – citing reason that little girl’s BB K is too entrenched in minds of many and so, he did not want missy #2 to live in jie jie’s shadow. As reluctant as I was, I guess he was pretty right. So, we decided to look at names that start with ‘L’ (not difficult to figure why ‘L’). Horror! Horror! It’s really difficult to find a name that starts with ‘L’ that we could agree on. One of the reasons being, many of the pretty names are names of pretty little girls we already know.

So, here I am, depending on good ol’ google, finding a pretty name that we hope our missy #2 can ‘live up to’. Some of the names that I kinda like (NOT love) so far are:

– Lylea / Lylia (sounds like jiejie’s Kaylea)
– Lalaine
– Laraine
– Lauryn
– Lauriane
– Lea
– Lauren (but is already name of a pretty girl of an ex-colleague of mine)
– Leann (see reason of the preceded)
– Laurie (WHY must it be the brand of the SP?)

I really can’t remember that we took this long (31 weeks) to decide on BB Kay’s name. I think by the time she was 24 weeks, we had started ‘talking to the tummy’ using her chinese name. I am just glad that my first choice Chinese name is accepted by daddy and we have started ‘talking to the tummy’ using it.

I guess if we really can’t find a good English name, we can always fall back on Kaylee (and confuse the whole world with the sisters’ names!)


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