Little missy L

Little Missy L is a happy girl today. Her papa finally had time to see doctor with us and this little one has been having a fun time kicking and turning!

At 32 weeks, she is doing very well! Her head is down (much earlier than the jiejie) and weighs a healthy 1.4kg. Definitely more active than her big sis and more responsive to sounds.

It’s really an amazing feeling (stressful at the same time) to be welcoming another new life into our lives. Although I must say that we are a lot more laid back this time round. Not quite starting any preparation but at least we acknowledge that we got to buy a welcome gift for her soon, for so far she is gonna to use mostly hand-me-downs from her jiejie.

At the same time, mummy can’t help but to have the feeling that little girl is sensing that she gotta share her mummy with meimei soon. She has been waking up in the middle of the night, preferring to sleep on our bed to her cot, for the past 3 nights. Poor mama n papa have been having sleepless nights because of this. Sigh…


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