Pursuit to smell like a home bakery…

Call it nesting instinct of a preggy woman…but this particular one is not nesting for the soon-to-be-arrived yet…she is starting off with the kitchen, instead of the kids’ room…strange. But she calls it the ‘Baking Therapy’. She has always loved baking due to the influence of her mum. Her all-time favourite and one recipe that she hopes she can pass down to her girls is the cornflake cookies…something that her mum used to bake yearly for CNY until her mum decided that it was too much work. But she can never forget the taste nor the ‘pain’ in making every single piece of the cookie.

Baking stopped also because the oven at her mum’s surrendered permanently a few years back. So, NOW, in her new place, with a new oven and new hardware, she can start her pursuit to bake again.

And hopefully, all is not just for show and that soon, an album of the yummy treats (assuming they would be yummy) will be up!


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