#1 vs #2

I’m so zombified! And out of frustration, I’m going to blog this!

One common question I have been encountering for this #2 pregnancy is ‘how is is different from the first?’ And boy, very different I must say!

Top on the list! INSOMNIA! I have been having insomnia on and off since 3rd trimester kicked in. These few nights are the worst! Doesn’t help that we are under strict orders by the pediatrician to stop allowing little girl to sleep in air-conditioned environment. Hence, being the heat generator, I spent nights perspiring instead of sleeping.

Then it’s the endless disco-ing of little Missy L in my tum tum. I have been kept awake for most part of the nights by these insistent dance moves. I’m also constantly flipping and turning in search of the most comfortable sleeping position.

What tips the icing of the cake is the endless trips to the loo. Missy L certainly adores sitting, punching, jumping on the bladder. And she always does this when I am about to doze off. Then it’s sleepless all over again.

So, what’s the difference between #1 and #2? For #1, I slept through like a pig throughout the 40 weeks and 2 days and NONE of the above happened!

There’s a lot more differences but given the mental state I’m in now, this is all I can manage! I seriously, desperately need my bed! Please let me catch that bit of sleep bug!


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