Finally! My long awaited break!

Yes…I know I whine alot. But when it’s saturuday in the midst of a long holiday, yet you find yourself sitting alone in the office waiting for time to pass and youth to be gone, I betcha whine too!

So, finally, it’s 11 Dec! Using simple maths, I have exactly 20 days left of my holidays before we need to report for a half day meeting. I vow that I will conquer all virus, bugs and germs to enjoy what’s left!

So, akan datang!

1) I shall start washing clothes to prepare for arrival of Little Missy L.

2) I shall start stocking up on the ‘software’ of my home bakery

3) I shall bake my first project this coming week.

4) We shall continue with our plan for a staycation next weekend.

5) Plan menu for the boxing day gathering for my hb’s colleagues

6) Shop for X’mas pressie for hb.

7) Plan for my future…


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