Distracted I was.. But not for long.

I am officially quarantined from little girl. Although I beg to differ for I had chicken pox before and I should be immune.

So, I guess to keep myself occupied I got to do something. And something I definitely did, under the strict order of my hubby (this is where and when I really really appreciate him). He knows that given our latest viral battle episode, I have the full potential to wallow in self-pity and whine non-stop. Not forgetting, feeling sad for little girl and having my pregnancy hormones go haywire (which has been going on since I dunno when). Honestly, if not for him, I am probably going through PND (pre-natal depression) by now. Therefore a distraction is what I need, according to him.

Back to what I did. As mentioned in the previous previous post, hb drove me specially down to Phoon Huat to buy my ‘software’ for my first baking project at our new place (scheduled to be done today but almost postponed because of little girl’s cp). Not only that, he knows I am going to miss little girl badly, he specially went out to buy more unsalted butter, brown sugar and some other stuffs so that I can do my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on today, tomorrow and the few days to come during this quarantine period.

So, here’s the end product of project #1.

White Chocolate Vanilla Cupcake

In a matter of minutes, I will start on project #2 or maybe will do it after dinner.

I really can’t thank hb enough for this. But then, I still miss my little girl and today is only day 1 of don’t know how many days.


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