A ‘gracious’ society?

Yes! A promise I made to myself is to ONLy blog about happy things. But been feeling so under the weather, both in terms of health and mood (the latest — suspected chicken pox on little girl — to be shared on a later post) that, not helping, are my 2 encounters with REALLY rude people! I must rant before I get internal bleeding…

Case Study A @ Jurong Point Carpark
Last Sunday, we decided to head to Jurong Point for a short break while little girl was sleeping at my ILs’. At the carpark (yep, probably one of the ‘best’ places to marvel at the ‘wonderful’ behaviour of our citizens), we saw a parking lot. And so, OFF we went in the RIGHT direction. But unfortunately, a K** C***** also drove into the SAME lane at the SAME time but from the other direction, i.e. WRONG direction, and due to distance factor, they reached the lot earlier.

Well, like many, I have been guilty of driving in wrong direction in carpark before BUT note that if I see another car coming in the RIGHT direction, I would admit I am in the wrong and drive away, head DOWN. So, I assume EVERYONE else in the world does the same! But did this car drive away? NO! In fact, we blocked each other way, and THIS bespectacled driver about late twenties or early thirties, hopped off his car and here’s the conversation (nb: To show how dismay I am with this person, I shall name him a**h***)

*I rolled down the window*

a**h***: I believe we have the right to the lot.

Me: No, I don’t think so. You came in the wrong direction and we are in the right direction. Look at the arrow.

a**h***: Oh well, ya, but we reach here first.

Me: Erm, ya, but you drove in the wrong direction and I believe if I call the security or the police, you will be the one in trouble.

a**h***: Fine. You can call. But we reached here first!

Me: Ok fine! Anyway, I really wonder how you got your driver’s license. You can’t read arrows!

a**h***: [can see some fumes from him already] Fine! It’s ok. We have the time in the world. We will wait!


End of the story? We drove off…simply because 1) We not as free as him and 2) Our distaste for Jurong Point has doubled 3) If we din, you will see 2 bespectacled men fighting and a pregnant woman yanking the hair off his not so pretty girlfriend! But most important reason, I think we got more class than him!

And from then on, bad drivers are known as C*****. No offence to people I know who drives one. But you see what we went through.

Case Study B @ Phoon Huat Simei

As mentioned, I have been feeling under the weather and hb decided that I need to start my baking therapy. With his help and insistence, we went to get our ‘software’ to get my baking started.

While he went to the ‘chap hei diam’ to get some stuffs, I went ahead to Phoon Huat for my supplies. It was crowded and it din help that they were undergoing some renovation works. I went straight to grab a basket which unfortunately, was a MISTAKE! There, at the basket place, was a woman in her 40s, maybe, bespectacled, trying to get some schedule for their baking class. I muttered (a mistake! Never mutter ONLY!) ‘excuse me’ but she did not budge. So, I simply grab a basket from ‘under’ her. The next moment, I got the lecture that I will NEVER forget…

Woman: [muttering under her breath, almost behind my back] Can’t even wait for a while.

I caught her staring at me but I kept quiet.

Woman: Stupid woman! [still staring at me]

Me: [ok…that did it for me] I am very sorry.

Woman: [continued her stare] Can’t you even wait…can’t you see I am there. Stupid.

Me: Erm…I said I am sorry and I am really sorry.

Woman continued to mutter but I couldn’t really hear her exact words but the word ‘stupid’ came out again.

Me: [Buay tahan already] Hey, I am already gracious enough to apologise. I think you should stop scolding behind my back.

Woman: I don’t care whatever you say, I will just say whatever I want.

Woman walked off…me too…

Don’t know why, I actually wanted to cry on the spot but somehow, a mirth came to me faster than the tears. She is simply pathetic! And when I was telling hb about it, the cashier lady overheard and said, ‘don’t worry! There are many weird people who likes to shop in Phoon Huat…and I don’t mean you lah!’

On hindsight, I think this woman should be glad that she met me instead of someone else, for I don’t carry parangs, although I did have a chef knife in my shopping basket. And she should seriously avoid places like Downtown East and Geylang.

And also, gut tells me that she is in the same profession as me. She is bespectacled with a pony tail tied low. The most tell tale sign is, who on earth is so free at 10.30 am on a Wednesday, at Phoon Huat looking at baking classes? It’s the holiday and she must be bored and depressed…poor thing.

So, this sums up my encounters with weirdos both in the west and the east. Interestingly, both incidents look more funny than anything else now. But I really hope these weirdos will NEVER appear in front of me ever again or any other kind. I really have no patience to deal with them in such kind manners, anymore.


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