What a holiday…

Not too long ago, I think I mentioned that this week plus the next week will be great time for the Ngs. For papa Kay and mama Kay can really spend time with little Kay especially when she was on road of recovery from her sinusitis, flu, cough and whatsoever.

Oh well, this holiday proves to be the holiday that I will never forget. So much for the planning — supposed to go on staycation this weekend and the next.

This morning, we see spots and bumps on little girl’s nose and neck. Later on, it was reported by my mum that more spots have appeared on her thighs and back. Based on good ol’ google, there are 2 possibilities  – chicken pox or heat rash.

Unfortunately, the latter seems to be highly possible as her nose started running on Monday and a low grade fever followed. Today is the 3rd day, she’s having fever. Running nose has stopped and her cough has reduced. According to Dr Sears , the 3rd day is when more spots appear and the earlier one will start to crust and crusted, it did with one of the bumps on her nose and indeed, more spots appeared today.

Papa Kay will bring the little girl to see the doctor in the afternoon to confirm.  Until then, I am officially quarantined from her for now. Unless, it’s not the case, which I hope is the case.

Poor little girl…it’s really one after another for her. I really wish I am the one taking all these from her. Sigh…


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