Get well soon…My little girl!

The house is empty so it’s a perfect time and place to 胡思乱想 (let imagination run wild). Hb has gone to pick little girl and my mum up to see the pd for a second opinion about her spots. Made a call to mum earlier and it was ‘reported’ that more spots are sighted this morning on her back and cheeks (NO! Not the face!). Hb suggested doing video conferencing with her and this shows his decision to really quarantine little girl from me. What hit me was the fact that I was not woken up by little girl’s singing this morning and there was no snuggling in the bed too. Well, it’s not the first time she slept over at my mum’s but the thought that she will have to be separated from me for the next few days (probably at least 5-7 days) simply SUCKS!

As usual, My imagination starts to run really wild! What if, she can’t recognize me. after these few days? To make matter worse, I’m only left with 2.5 weeks of break, this stupid cp is taking away 7 days of it! Not forgetting, I’m now in 34 weeks of pregnancy, which means time spent with little girl and her only is coming to an end. 7 days out of the remaining weeks is sheer robbery! When meimei comes, it would also mean time and attention has to divided. I really hate life up to this point…curse the whoever who went out to public place even with cp! And lament how suay we are!

But I guess, I got to stop wallowing in self-pity (yep…I do that pretty frequently, if one hasn’t realized). Hb rationalizes it pretty well yesterday and I guess for whatever bad, some good will come out of it!

1. At least little girl gets her immunity from cp in the natural way

2. We save money for the vaccination

3. Mystery for her latest bout of fever and runny nose and cough is solved. It’s cp at work. Yep the cough and runny nose are gone suddenly.

4. It’s really time for us to stop sticking to each other so it’s a good time to start training her or else I’m going to be in trouble when I pop.

5. I finally have time to bake.

6. I finally have time to prepare for meimei’s arrival. Got to start washing her clothes.

Our little girl is really one kind. The past few months have really be tough on her. Parasites? Sinusitis? Bacteria in her mucus? Chicken pox? Not forgetting the 4 weeks of on-off coughing and flu? I have faith that our little girl will overcome all these stupid virus, bugs, bacteria etc and be stronger than ever!

Hugz…bb Kay! Mama is missing you lots…can’t wait to Hug hug you soon!


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