Little Missy L…still at 32 weeks

Yep…funny that my last update on Lil’ Missy L was at 32 weeks and she is still at 32 weeks 2 weeks later. Well well, as though life has not been interesting enough, our dear little girl is not as ‘old’ as we think she is. Martriach was pretty puzzled about why Lil’s Missy L’s statistics are very below the norm since dunno when and we started back-tracking.

Apparently, after the detailed scan yesterday, her statistics are all pointing that she is yet to be 34 weeks as we had initially thought. Based on the numbers, matriarch feels that she is more of a 32-33 weeks baby. Her EDD is not really 25 Jan, instead, it’s more inclined towards 2 Feb. The boo-boo is probably due to the fact that I was still breastfeeding at time of conceiving her and that my menses was not regular.

Anyway, instead of feeling rather down that EDD has been pushed back, we were rather relieved due to the latest chicken pox episode on little girl. When told of our situation, matriarch was very concerned. I have to do a paired blood test yesterday and 2 weeks later to see if I am immune to the pox. And since it was assumed that I was in the 34-35 weeks, it would mean complication if I am tested not immune, I have to deliver Lil Missy L by 36-37 weeks. But because of this LMP boo-boo, it means that even if I were tested to have cp virus in my body, I can still take medication to prevent the virus from attacking Lil Missy L! So, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise for us. Although matriarch and I feel that I am likely to be immune for I have had cp and shingles before.

So, back to the detailed scan. All is well. Little missy L has grown 400g over 2 weeks and is now about 1.8kg. Compared to little girl, matriarch also feels that this baby is a little smaller but it’s of no concern since she is all healthy and active. And yep, confirm it’s a little girl and I love her side profile very much! Wish I have a picture to show but this naughty girl is just like her sister – she must put her hands in her mouth! So, matriarch didn’t print any clear pictures for us.

So, here we are, again, in the final 8 weeks. Think what is really fun is guessing whether she will be a Tiger lady or a Rabbit one? It really can be either way. Think it will be even more interesting to see if she decides to pop on CNY eve…think everyone at hospital and helping us with her arrival will probably curse and swear at us, if that’s the case!


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