Heart all shattered…

Heartbreak… So this is how it feels.

Little girl is really going through ordeal after ordeal. My heart simply shattered seeing what she’s is going through. As though cp aint enough, her hands, legs and eyes started to swell. Horrid looking patches of red started appearing everywhere especially the face. For a moment, i couldnt even recognize her. She saw me and started fussing and i know thats my daughter calling me to give her that hug. She misses me as much i miss her. The feeling of loss and being useless is even more for I can’t even touch her, let alone, comfort her with that hug that hug that she needs. I know she wants me there for her more than anybody else.

I’m angry for it’s the loved ones who are stopping me. I know they are worried for me and the other little one but chances of me being immune is high. Yes, don’t take the risk but this is my daughter suffering. I can only hear her cry and do nothing.

A part of me died today and this could only be revived when both little girl and mr reunite. But when will the day come?


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