What i hate about pregnancy

Here we go again…reflecting the old year and making new
year resolutions for the new. Cliche as it seems, I just have to do
it to kick start the year. Interestingly, I managed to find the new
year resolutions for 2010 follows and I actually reflected!
1. Love BB Kay and hubby even more by
giving them more TLC
was the year I learnt a lot as a mother and wife. Towards the end
of the year, I also learnt that being a mother is the toughest job
on earth. I really didn’t realise that I do have that ability to
love someone so much. 2010 was also a year that I learnt a lot
about being a wife. Relationship between husband and wife is indeed
about compromising. I have learnt a lot but I believe I can do
2. Spend more time with my mummy and
daddy. Realised that this is very important ever since BB Kay came
into my life. Just that day, my mum lamented if she would live to
see BB Kay marry…that completely hit me…
Definitely been making as
much effort as I can. Really appreciate them a lot especially the
period when little girl fell sick and the sleepless nites they had
helping us to take care of her while giving us the chance to rest.
3. Get back into my pre-wedding size by
end of the 2010 (actually by June…but seems too ambitious cos I
really gained too much during pregnancy)
Totally not on track
because I am preggy again.
4. Survive my job till end of 2010…get
$$ and re-think future. Afterall it’s my 7th year in the job…it’s
called 七年之痒。
I SURVIVED! $$ received!
Future Re-thought! But career was definitely the LOW of 2010.
5. Start the
Behind time but on track.
Honestly, 2010 was not quite my
favourite year so in a certain sense, I am more than happy to say
good-bye to the year.
Looking forward
Another exciting year with many
question marks. Most significant is the promotion to become a
mother of 2. Honestly, I have no idea how I am going to manage.
Career-wise, I kind of got what I want but I know I can and want to
do more. Health-wise, after the ordeal I went through in 2010, this
is too important to be neglected. The list can just go
as usual, my wise hubby simply gave me one simple advice when it
comes to making New Year resolution — ‘ Choose a word and stick to it for the
whole year’
— an advice that I was really doubtful to
take it up. But looking back at 2010, I guess perhaps, I should try
adopting this for 2011. So, here I am, instead of jotting down 101
new year resolution, I shall adopt the word ‘DETERMINATION’I guess whatever I want to do in 2011
needs utmost courage and guts from me and the issue with me is my lack of patience and resilience.
So, alrighty! Looks like 2011 is going
to be different, I hope. I am certainly looking forward to it and
hope that it will bring more smiles to me and people I


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