Why I hate being a Pregger?

Try carrying a basketball under your top for 3 months. You will find walking, standing, sitting, squatting and even sleeping a chore! Honestly, all you want to do in this final stage is NOTHING!

The weight gain. The distress caused by the thought that you will never ever fit into your favorite pre-pregnancy dresses is enough to send me into mega depression. Not helping is, everyone treats you like a food vacuum machine.

Stretch marks and cellullite. They are ugly and almost Incurable. You feel disgusted at the sight of yourself.

Water Retention. At one point in my last pregnancy, I gained a whopping 5 kg within a week! Given order to rest and lost it all! It’s all water! The sight of your feet swelling into what elephants have and barely able to fit into your shoes…the feeling. Not pretty!

Turning into a clumsy clown. I hate that x 100000000000000000000000000. You walk like a fat penguin and have problems even picking up things from the floor. You whine at every moment you need to bend down or do anything aside from nothing.

Having said all the above, having little babies is probably still the most beautiful thing in the world. I love the feeling of cuddling them but I really have a distaste for the pregnancy process. So, nothing against the little ones, just the process. Contrary to many who miss their pregnancies after popping, I’m definitely one who did not miss hers and am super glad that I’m in the final weeks of the current one. But still, i am very envious of those mummies who has a light and almost flat pregnancy.


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