Decision has been made…

Yep..topic of the day is…should we see meimei next week. Actually ‘next week’ is a rough estimation given by Florence, the midwife working for matriarch. The actual date will still need to be discussed with matriarch. Basically, by right, we are supposed to decide today if we would like to go ahead with elective caesarian or natural delivery for meimei. But because hb was hard at work, matriarch decided to give us some time till next week to decide. And from what I can gather, she is encouraging us to choose the former and here’s a list of reasons why:

1) I had Caesarian the first time round and it was only 15 months ago. So, childbirth the second time round means risk of Uterine Rapture.

2) If I opt for repeated Caesarian, chances of Uterine Rapture is 1% while natural delivery will be 3%. Well…honestly 3% if low. But the next few reasons will tell you why guts tell me that I should go for E-Csec.

3) I had 0 dilation and 0 contraction for my 1st pregnancy right up to 40 weeks and my tummy was high from day 1 till week 40. Hence, chances of minimal dilation are high. Which means that labour will not be easy. And she has already ruled out inducing because this increases chances of Uterine Rapture. This would mean emergency caesarian which will also increase risk of the rapture.

4) If I opt for natural birth, she will not allow epidural because she will need to assess my pain level to prevent complications. She will only give me painkiller through injection in the arm…can’t remember what’s that.

5) Then why next week when I am only in week 37. Simply because it’s safer to go through the op before any form of labour sets in for this would only increase the risk of rapture.

6) Honestly, I would rather bring down the risk of rapture to the lowest for it will mean longer recovery time and worse, difficulty in taking care of the girls.

YET on the other hand, it would also mean

1) I cannot carry little girl for a good few weeks.

2) Recovery will be longer as compared to natural delivery.

Nonetheless, we have made the decision to go ahead with Elective Caesarian. Just need to find out how long can we wait.

And actually, for some reason, I am glad that pregnancy is going to be over soon. Yet on the other, my initial plan of taking leave earlier to spend more time with little girl is thwarted for suddenly, we are kinda of feeling rushed.

Trust a woman’s instinct. No wonder I have been reminding myself to pack the hospital bag (which I still haven’t done so till now) for the past 3 days. For some reason, I knew we might see meimei soon.


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