Why I hate being a Pregger?

In no mood to do anything other than whine and
sigh…especially when you know that next week might just be a
completely different week or rather, a life-changing week, yet
again. It’s really surreal when you realise that this time next
week, you are: – cuddling a newborn when the first born is barely
out of babyhood – breastfeeding a little one on 2 hourly basis and
starting the entire pumping process again – having a stranger
living in your house and cooking your meals – not
bathing as and when you want – not going to have good nights
of sleep, yet again – going to send the first born to your mum’s
and probably can have her back at nights only when you are coping
better with the younger one – unable to carry the firstborn because
of the Csec wound – unable to eat and drink whatever you want This
is sooooooooooooooo freaking me out!


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