D-day is chosen!

Little Kaira’s (formerly known as Little Missy L) birthday has been decided. She is going to be born on the 12th of January 2011. Now, I am on strict order to rest! Why?

1) I might be showing signs of labour with mild regular contractions (and I was like ‘ah…so that’s how contractions are like!)

2) Matriarch agrees with me that Kaira is trying to push her way down and she could feel it when she did VE.

3) Hence, I must rest to ease these signs or else the elective caesarian might turn into an emergency one once labour sets in and therefore complicates matter.

Then, I started to regret. I started to have all these ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’ coming to my mind.

1) Maybe I should have waited to see matriarch next Wednesday instead. Then maybe, I will be in labour with regular strong contractions and dilation by then and so, I can deliver naturally.

2) What if labour sets in earlier than the 12th? Maybe I will go ahead with natural delivery instead of caesarian but will matriarch agree to it?

Anyway, no point regretting…I am now on MC and on ventolin to curb onset of labour. My  initial worry that she might be small was unfounded as she is actually growing well and is now 2.788 kg at 37 weeks (best news! Zero weight gain on me but bb gained about 1 kg for the past 2 weeks!) . So, I am left with 5 days to ‘pump her up a bit more’. So, 12th Jan it shall be…unless little Kaira has other plans.


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