Its going to be a crazy 1 month

Thought #1

I’m not going to miss Chinese New Year afterall.
In fact, my confinement ends on the the 6th day of CNY.

Thought #2

I have not bought any clothes CNY and have no idea how to buy,
given that

a) I’m on order to rest and walk less

b) I do not know
what my size will be like 4 weeks later

c) I will be confined soon.
Online shopping? Maybe.

Thought #3

Meimei’s full month celebration
will be on either 3rd or 4th day of CNY. Buffet rates will be crazy
and even if we opt to only give cakes, who on earth will do it
during this period. Not doing anything seems unfair to her.

Thought #4

4 plus weeks later, I’m going to attempt to handle a newborn and
a toddler on my own. It sounds like suicide mission.

Thought #5
little girl is taking the longest nap ever from 10.45am till 2pm
and still lazing! What did she do last night?


4 thoughts on “Its going to be a crazy 1 month

  1. Woooo but it sure is an exciting journey ahead… Though a tiring one it might be!
    Would you be getting any help? Two little people on your own would be a big juggling feat!
    Hehe n yeah, online shopping might b the way to go for you.
    As for cakes… Maybe can find a non Chinese baker that can take your cake order? Hmm cupcake momma?:)

    • Hi Mat
      Probably will go to my mum’s place everyday after confinement so that she can help with BB Kay. After that, I am not sure because I am quite resistant to getting domestic help.

      Good idea about cupcake momma. But they don’t do red eggs or ang gu kueh. hee

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