Little girl knows…

Just when we think that a 15-month little toddler knows nothing about the notion of becoming an older sister, she is certainly showing some interesting signs that are making us think otherwise.

1) When asked where is meimei, she would promptly stroke my tummy.

2) When asked to kiss meimei, she will kiss my tummy.

3) She is showing a lot of affection to me. Recently, she has taken a liking to plant kisses on me.

4) She no longer insists on me putting her to sleep in cradle, instead, she is contented sleeping on my lap with her head next to my tummy and hand on it or simply, sleeping next to me on the bed.

5) She is often keeping me in check to ensure she knows my location and what I am doing.

I think she is starting to show signs of independence and perhaps, getting ready to be a big sister. I, for sure, will be missing her big time as she will be staying over with my mum for a couple of weeks at least (although I am insisting on my parents bringing her over everyday) during the confinement.

PS: Speaking of confinement….GOSH! I am sooooooo dreading it!


2 thoughts on “Little girl knows…

  1. That’s so sweet! It made me smile reading it. yes indeed she sounds grown up… you sweet little big girl! I’m sure she’ll make a fine Jie jie! šŸ™‚

    Oh and i so agree w you on the dreading confinement bit… think that’s the biggest booboo in the whole pregnancy/chilbirth journey!

    • Thanks Mat! And someone should do something about confinement! Like making it a taboo or against the law. Maybe AWARE can include a clause agst it in the charter. Sobzzz….I am so going to whine a lot! hahahhaha

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