Welcome… Little Kaira

Alrighty! Here’s the not so exciting birth story of our darling little Kaira.

7.15am: woke up by alarm Kay. Fed and changed her

7.40am: mum and dad picked her up

8.15am: went kiliney for yummy carrot cake and nasi lemak

915am: returned home and showered

10.30am: reached Mt E and did admission

11.00am: was told that room was not ready and went for a walk in paragon

11.15: rec a call from Mt E to return as room is now available

11.45am: went back to hospital and just relax

12.45pm: BP and temp taking and checking of bb heartbeat

1.15pm: Dr Sim came to say hi!

2.30pm: Yucky enema time and OT staff came to get some info

2.45pm: showered again

4pm: finally, into Operation theatre waiting area. Spoke to anesthetist, Dr ST khoo, who did my epi first time round

4.30pm: was pushed into OT and was administered GA. Went into a deep sleep.

6.10pm: woke up at the same OT waiting area. Wanted badly to see hb and baby. Was pushed back to room.

7-9pm: lost track of time totally. Only got to see Little Kaira at about 8 plus because she needs to be kept warm.

So…. Here it is! Birth story of Littke Kaira. Not as dramatic as her jie jie’s but she’s certainly as adorable.


4 thoughts on “Welcome… Little Kaira

  1. Received a twitter notification abt this post and decided to take a minute off marking and say CONGRATS, Tien!! welcome to the mommy-of-2 club!

    Little Kaira is adorable!

    Rest well, and recover well and enjoy your precious little princesses šŸ™‚


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