I envy..

I envy

1) mummies who have perfect nipples for

2) mummies with babies who open their mouth huge and
stick their tongue down and out.

3) mummies who do not need to go
through weeks of sore, cracked and bleeding nips just to wait out
for the little ones to improve.

4) mummies who do not need to wince
every moment babies latch.

… As whined above, 2nd time mummy does
not mean easier task at breastfeeding. kaira meimei is exactly like
her jiejie. Both have what the lactation consultant called the
‘rosebud mouth’ – tendency to roll tongue to roof top of the mouth.
Hence, they tend to not open mouth wide and big. It took 6 weeks
for jiejie to finally learnt. So much hand expressing and
‘strawberry milk’ in those days and making her cry to force her to
open her mouth. Kaira meimei has an additional issue. Her mouth is
really tiny and I do not have point #1. And this explains why the
bleeding starts earlier this time round. It’s day 5 only and I’m
thinking of giving her expressed milk already. But then, I know
it’s only a phase if I persevere. I just cannot bear making her cry
just to make her latch.

I know Kaira meimei will be just like the
jiejie. She will enlighten real soon. So, mummy just have to hang
on and jia you!


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