I am almost going crazy….

I am almost going crazy because

1) I slept a total of 3 hours for the past 3 nites.

2) Kaira meimei is a marathon latcher and cries all the time except when feeding and sleeping.

3) Kaira meimei is still figuring out on how to latch properly

4) I’m having really sore nips

5) I hate to be confined in the house especially when u feel horrible

6) I’m missing little girl a lot especially when these tough days remind me of how much easier she was.

7) I feel like giving up on latching and give her ebm

8) my wound is acting up and migraine is consistently there due to poor rest and stress.

9) my confinement lady can’t cook well

10) despise myself for the lack of willpower but I know I need a good rest

11) I cannot stop whining…


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