My to do list…

Today I decided to put the remaining days of my confinement to good use! Feel that these 28 days are complete waste of time and so I guess in my confined world, I’d better figure out how to spend my time with quality. Here’s roughly my list!

1. Figure out a schedule or plan on how handle the two girls on my own especially when it comes to sleep time.

2. To support #1, I need to read up on how to make little girl fall asleep on her own. (yes… We are still patting this 11 kg girl to sleep)

3. Also in relation to #1, I need to sleep train meimei. Apparently she also likes to cuddle to sleep. No thanks to my confinement lady.

4. Plan full month for meimei. We have decided not to hv a party for her because of CNY. But we will be purchasing cakes or cake vouchers. So, if I SMS any of you for address please do let me know ya.

5. Contact school abt leave matters and send in the necessary documents.

6. SERIOUSLY, figure out what’s going to happen after I return to work.

7. Read up on how to engage little girl. She’s way too bored and because of my pregnancy and confinement, i havent been teaching her new stuffs. Also, I doubt i will be able to start her on classes until 2 months

So, it’s a pretty long and daunting list actually and hopefully the procrastinator in me will not spoil my plan.


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