Its sayonara to the CL… One week earlier

That’s it! Was hesitating when hb said ‘fry’ the CL! Now I just want to get rid of her! She actually warmed up the milk before meimei even cries for it! She’s just letting it stand till meimei wakes up! Look! Bm needs to be consumed within an hour! Din she realize that meimei is sleeping longer in between feeds. Just showed my face to tell her that I know and I bet she’s going to wake meimei up for feed. And when the not-so-hungry meimei cannot finish, she’s going to waste my milk again… Then when meimei cries the next time, she’s just gonna pass to me! How lazy can a CL be??????

6 hrs after the post ~~ unfortunately, after more deliberation, we are still sticking with her for another week. Going to ask her to leave before CNY. It’s a better reason to use than just tell her she cannot make it. What to do… Her cousin did a much better job than her.


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