Why I hate confinement?

1. The foods are oily and fattening.

2. There’s a zit on my left cheek because of the confinement diet.

3. There’s a stranger in the house and in my case, a not so hardworking one and a TV addict. And hubby still doesn’t know that she likes to nap on our nice white sofa.

4. I lost my freedom.

5. I am constantly hot and sweating.

6. I can’t wash my hair as often as I want…although I have sneaked in a wash or two.

7. I can’t bath with normal water…although I still bath with soap…

8. I am starting to become a sloth and a lazy bum.

9. It’s just me vs the baby vs the confinement lady.

10. I feel really lonely and bored — so people chat with me!

And seriously, researchers should start looking into causes of post natal blues. I believe the practice of confinement (many modern women still practises this not because they believe in it but they do it to prevent family conflicts), contributes at least 50% in causing the blues.


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