Sunday to Monday blues

When I was working, I had the blues because I had to go back to work. But now I have the blues because

1. hb is going to back to work.

2. I am still confined.

3. I miss little girl badly again…because she doesn’t want to stick to me much already.

4. Meimei is doing her marathon latchings again.


To ease the blues, I am going to

1. Read some magazines tomorrow (although I take about 5 mins to finish one magazine)

2. Surf on enrichment programmes for little girl to make up for lost time.

3. Plan the biggie 9th April Surprise.

4. Fantasize about an overseas trip that I am not sure if I am going to have.

5. Mull over Kaira meimei’s full month celebration.

6. Mull over the horrible and lonely CNY that I am going to go through.


AND…gosh….there I go again…whining…I got to STOP!



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